• Angus Alder

Falafel Salad

Inspired by my friend Nick Lazaridis, who runs Cyprus Kitchen, I decided to experiment with some Mediterranean flavours ahead of my week working with him. I've been making falafel for years but I have never got the balance right, but I think this recipe is the one...

I've always been a big fan of Greek, Turkish and Cypriot food and while they are different cuisines, they are closely related and share attributes such use of fresh, healthy and tasty ingredients. Some of our most commonly used herbs, vegetables, beans and spices are similarly used in these Eastern Mediterranean states. This is great because this familiarity facilitates cooking recipes like mine. In this particular recipe, I used bulgar wheat, a carbohydrate with similarities to couscous and something I have only cooked with a handful of times. This is a great vegan recipe that contains a lot of nutritious sustenance, its also super cheap, easy to cook and filling.

Cost: £2.50

Time: 2hr30

Difficulty: 2/5