• Angus Alder

My Dinner #1 Chickpea Curry

I've decided to start sharing the dishes that I cook at home for myself. I explore a wide range of cuisines at home, anything from Japanese to Jamaican, Spanish to South Korean and Malaysia to Mexican. The dishes I cook are always quick, simple, healthy and cheap (depending on when you shop) and I believe everyone can give them a go.

I am trying to keep a plant-based tone but if you are a part-timer like me a fancy some meat, all my recipes will suggest a meat or diary addition to the meal.

Living in Brixton has really opened my eyes to different cultures and changed my culinary direction thanks to the abundant Afro-Caribbean restaurants and supermarkets that line Brixton's famous street. I find that Afro-Caribbean cuisine is not only delicious, vibrant and enjoyable but generally very healthy with many plant-based dishes a staple in the diet. The saturation of this cuisine and the availability of fresh Caribbean ingredients has inspired me to explore and create my own variations. All these ingredients are generally available in large supermarket chains or if you are lucky enough to live in South London, come explore our lovely grocers in Brixton.

I have been cooking Afro-Caribbean for a while now and I will revisit some of my past recipes over the course of this blog but the following recipe I cooked up last night. It cost me around £2 in ingredients and around 30 mins to cook. This recipe is great because it is packed with flavour, veg and nutrients. When you are reducing your meat consumption, it is important to make sure you are replacing essential minerals like iron and magnesium and nuts like cashews are great for this as well as containing other great health benefits and contributing to your protein consumption. Nuts can be expensive so try and buy in bulk if you can.

Total Cooking Time: 30-40mins

Total portions: 2

Cost: Around £2-£2.50