• Angus Alder

My Dinner #2 Bean Burger with Courgette fries

This is dinner is packed with nutrients and great substitutes for those reducing their meat consumption containing low-fat sources of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Learning to cook with beans and pulses is important if you want to work towards a plant based diet. Having reduced my meat intake significantly, I find that beans and pulses really fill that void. Not only are they significantly cheaper but they contain much more nutritious value and if used correctly can be just as tasty. With studies showing that pulses and beans are anti-oxidants that can help reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer and other terrible ailments, embracing the bean and pulse and learning how to cook them can really improve your health.

The following recipe is a good way to ease you in and hopefully after having cooked this recipe you will be more confident when buying beans and pulses.

Time - 30mins-2hours

Cost - £3-£4

Portions- 2-3

Difficulty - 2/5