• Angus Alder

My Dinner #3 Jerk "meat"balls

The journey continues with the next dish. Life in Brixton is so inspiring when it comes to food. The sounds, smells and fresh produce available make it so easy to be excited about cooking. Food is such a big part of this community dating back to the 70s when Afro-Carribean food came into prevalence in the area. Brixton was a major hub for street food and food culture and although much of this scene has now dissipated, the arcade and pop brixton have really put Brixton back on the map as a food mecca. Every time I visit one of the many supermarkets I get tingles of excitement at what new products I will discover. I still haven't got a scooby what 90% of the products are in these shops but I'm getting there.

Tonight I decided to experiment further with beans. They are such a good source of protein and so filling that you don't feel the need to load up on carbs! In this recipe I used Tropical Sun Beans and Peas but you can just use a combination of red kidney beans, gungo peas and black beans. I know I need to work on presentation and the quality of my photos but this was a delicious dish and so easy to make.

Cost: £3

Portions: 2

Time: 20mins prep 10mins cooking 2 hours refridgeration

Level of difficulty: 2/5