• Angus Alder

The Conscious Chef

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

I'd like to point out that this is new to me. I have always been conscious of my impact on earth particularly as a player in a very wasteful industry and I have been a party to that, but I have awoken to my responsibility, as someone who produces not just personal but commercial waste, to protect the planet we live in. For me, this has to be a process. For many of us, reduction is a more manageable way to achieve kicking a habit than totally eradicating your habit. So, whilst I am learning about my impact as we go, I want people to read my journey and the struggles that go with it and hopefully help others through their own journey.

I'd love to be able to give up meat, dairy and have zero-waste at home and I commend those who have done it but it isn't as easy as that for many of us. There is a degree of privilege involved in a plant-based diet, in-so-much as substitutes cost a fortune or you have to be a skilled chef to recreate your favourite dishes, a zero-waste household is obtainable if you are surrounded by outlets that offer package free produce and reducing your carbon footprint is difficult unless you can afford solar panelling, electric cars, organic produce etc.

Whilst a fully sustainable lifestyle for the masses is a while a way, there are things we can do to contribute, things that will not only help protect our planet and local communities but save us money;

Reduce domestic wastage

efusing non-recyclable materials and carry our own shopping bags, Tupperware for our lunch and mugs for our hot beverage

Recycle as much as possible

Local councils are much better these days at providing recycling bins and it is much easier than it used to be so there is no excuse.

Reduce food waste

Donate to community fridges, shelters and food banks.

Support your local community

Shop with local grocers, butchers, health food stores, clothes stores and avoiding big chains

Reduce your carbon footprint

Take busses, walking/running/cycling and keeping your energy consumption low.

Reduce your meat consumption.

Start by cutting down to 1 meat meal a day and experiment with alternatives like mushrooms and aubergines as meaty veg substitutes. It will make it easier when you wish to cut back more if you know what alternatives are out there. I am now down to 5/6 days a week plant based with one or two meals meat based as a treat.