• Angus Alder

Very Versatile seitan

I have been experimenting, heavily, over the last few weeks with my menu for Komex Kitchen and one thing I really wanted to nail was my vegan offering. I wanted to go above and beyond the conventional mushroom or aubergine offering that most offer so I started to explore meat substitutes. Having eaten recently at a vegan restaurant in Brixton called Eat of Eden, I discovered wheat meat, which turns out to be quite a common dish in Afro-Caribbean cooking. It was so delicious and absorbed flavours like nothing else I have tried before. This particular dish had texture of slow cooked pork ribs and it turns out this wheat meat is packed with protein and a great meat replacement.

With this experience in mind, I started to look at ways I could use this concept in my own cooking and found a couple of recipes to get me on my way. I thought it would be super complicated with very niche ingredients. To an extent, the ingredients are niche but you can buy them online or in most wholefoods stores. The best part is discovering that, whilst not only delicious, seitan (wheat meat) is cheap to make.

The dish featured is a seitan jalfrezi which worked really well and I advise trying your seitan with a curry recipe too as it lends itself well to a saucy dish as its super absorbent.

Don't be put off by how your seitan looks as I urge anyone that is interesting in making their own meat substitutes to have a try with this and use your own flavours and spices but use my recipe as a base. You won't regret it!


Portions: £4

Cost: £.50 per portion

Difficultly: 3/5

Time: 20mins prep, 1 hour cook, 6 hours chilling