• Angus Alder

A Chef's Life

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

A chef's diet at home isn't as glamorous as you think it may be. Imagine being an accountant and having to go through your family's tax returns every night for two hours 5 nights a week. You would go mad. So we tend to eat convenience foods or rely on others to cook for us. However, i'm on a mission to change this habit and eat a regular plant based and more sustainable diet.

I am currently on a professional journey building Komex Kitchen and working from home has its perks. It has given me the time and freedom to discover how I want to live my life now I'm well into my 20s. It has given me time to experiment with my diet and lifestyle with promising results. I feel much healthier and happier now that I have reduced my consumption of meat and set myself on a path to a cleaner more sustainable lifestyle. The aim of this blog is going to be to promote more sustainable choices by reducing your consumption of meat, dairy and alcohol without eradicating it completely. I want to promote a lifestyle of moderation and conscientious consumption to help contribute to a sustainable planet.